Hi I'm Daniella!

Your Mind & Body Transformation Coach

I help busy women and men ditch diet drama and rebel against traditional health norms to find joy in food and movement, ignite self-trust and build sustainable balance for their real life.

You Deserve to Live as Your Kick Ass Self!

I bet that at this point, you have tried everything under the sun… diets, programs, trainers… but you keep falling into old habits over and over again feeling frustrated, defeated and overwhelmed.

This not necessarily happens because you don’t know what to do, or because you don’t want it. You actually want to be your healthiest and most confident version and want to live your life to the fullest.

You want to be able to fit a wellness and/or life routine that feels unique to you and that fits your busy life.  But it seems difficult to understand why it’s not so straight forward to maintain balance between life and work, overcome procrastination procrastination and roadblocks. 

You just want to be your healthiest and most confident self? Don’t you?

What if I tell you that there is a way that we can work on exploring and reprogramming those patterns for good, easily so you step into that healthier version of yourself effortlessly?

Sounds life changing ha!

I Help you Get a 360° Transformation with my Main Three Pillars!

Health & Life Coaching

Here is where we work on your desire and dig into the root cause of what is holding you back. We focus on your nutrition, fitness, mind and life goals.

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Regular & Dance Fitness

You want to have fun while you do the deep work, right?! That’s why we blend the process with familiar and unique signature workouts if you choose to.

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There is no complete work if we don’t take care of our mind and regulate the nervous system. You will learn how to master your mind and soul.

I'm your all in one coach!

You can get my support in all this or we can focus in what's most important for you

Integrative Nutrition

Bridge the gap between your nutrition, mindset and mental patterns behind your choices in a holistic way.

Functional Nutrition and Science

Everyone is different.  We will take into account factors like your metabolism, hormones and gut health. You will also understand the science behind your process.

Functional Fitness

Functional exercises and dance workouts will help strengthen muscles used for daily activities, flexibility and balance, while you achieve your fitness goals and have fun!

NLP Life Coaching and Mindfulness

What many wellness coaches miss is to integrate the life and mind connections to the health choices. Procrastination, emotional eating, time management, busy lifestyle, all can influence your health habits.  As NLP coach I go beyond just habits and behavior to rewire patterns that don’t serve you.

I know how hard it is to find balance between your mind and body...

As a busy multi-passionate person, that has a Corporate leadership job and a Coaching business, balancing life, work maintaining physical and mental health at the same time felt so unreachable.  

I also hate restrictions and love to have fun, not fully depriving myself from the goodness of life….

This in addition to having overcome anxiety, depression and disordered eating, seemed like I was a friking big project.

However, I was not. I just needed to find alingment within myself. Find what worked for me within the health and wellness realm and commit to it.

I was able to learn how to balance my job, side passions and still take care of myself.

These personal experiences along with my strong credentials qualifies me to help you do the same.  

I can’t wait to share with you how you can also become the balanced and vibrant person you are meant to be because I have evidence that it is possible.

My Credentials..... So you know I'm the real deal ;)


This is How Easy is to Get the Transformation You Desire!



Whether you want a personalized attention from me, a group experience or an on- demand digital self-paced approach.



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Once you have lived the transformational experience be ready to be your healthier, happier and most confident version of yourself!

Kind words from clients

"After working with Daniella, I feel good and more determined to maintain my weight and eating choices balanced"

"I developed awareness of my eating habits/choices and how to improve them, self confidence and keeping myself motivated during my lifestyle change was my big game changer. After working with Daniella I feel good and more determined to maintain my weight and eating choices balanced."
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1:1 VIP Client

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Let’s be real, we are busy people and it can feel almost impossible to find a healthy routine that fits our lifestyle and that we can stick to it.  What if I tell you…. that the problem is not you but it’s that usually we are not shown how to start from the very beginning! There are a few things to take into consideration when taking the decision of starting a health journey and when choosing a wellness practice.  


In this FREE mini-series of only 3 short videos I guide you into the concepts of what you need to know to start a well balanced 360° Wellness routine that feels completely aligned and true to YOU.

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No, I do much more! I am also a certified Life Success Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, so I also have helped clients with different life related aspects like anxiety and stress management, overwhelm, perfectionism, life + work balance, time management, day to day structure, career path, relationships, finances, etc.  A little hint…. your nutrition decisions and behaviors are all connected to this!

I have a strong expertise and passion for Nutrition and Fitness and this is my focus, but I am a well rounded Coach and I got deeper to the root of the problem and strategic guidance to solutions and patterns reprogramming.

I always recommend BOTH when necessary.  A therapist works with your past and have the expertise and techniques to help you process traumas.  On the other hand, a coach works mainly with your present and future.  We need information from your past as a baseline but we focus on reframing those patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck, so you have a clear roadmap and awareness on how to move forward to a next more empowering level.  

The combination of both is really powerful, they add value to each other, but they cannot replace each other work as they are different.