You Are Here Because You Want To Embrace A Revolution in Wellness!

Are you ready to rebel against ordinary wellness practices and embark on a personal journey to reclaim your health in a way that feels good and uniquely yours! 

….. Aren’t you?

Here we redefine the meaning of healthy, guiding you to find your authentic balance in nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You have tried different things but nothing seems to be lasting. You want a plan that is crafted and personalized just for YOU!

You seem to start strong in your health and lifestyle habits but fail in staying consistent.  You are looking for a method that works for you and that is attainable.

You are tired of generic advice on just nutrition, just fitness and just mindset.  You want it all in one place and someone that helps you find the balance.

Take a Moment to Visualize a Day in the Life of Your Future Self

What if instead of feeling stuck and keep wondering how to figure things out by yourself, your days looked and feel like this instead?

From Lost...

You have spent a lot of money in programs, maybe diets, you save posts on instagram, have done free challenges and start again every Monday. The truth is that you know what to do, but between the overload of information out there and your busy life it's hard to find what's the best plan for you.

To Having Direction

You start every week knowing what is your plan and knowing that you have an expert guiding you while you lead the way. You know that this plan now has purpose, and that it was designed based on data, your personal needs and considering your busy days.

From overwhelmed...

As a type A and responsible profesional you are really good at what you do, however you feel exhausted from work and family responsibilities. Even though you understand the importance and want to take care of your stress, nutrition, and exercise, it seems imposible to add that to your to do list. Your mind and life feels like it is spinning.

To Clear and focused

You now know how to give the same attention that you give to your job and family, to your mind and body. You are clear on how to manage stress and obstacles that can be presented when you are trying to take care of yourself. You are focused on your end goal because the mind reprogramming done by your coach has help stay focused as you also have learned how to be flexible.

From Anxious...

Your emotions are all over the place because handling the stress of every day is not easy task. You are successful at work and/or as a household manager, but you don't feel as successful when it comes to you health and wellness. There is so much going on in your life that having some help and guidance would be a blessing.

To Calmed and Confident

You don't eat your emotions anymore. You know how to control your thoughts, and the self-sabotage. You have a tool box of techniques to cope with stress and not identifying with anxiety as something that overshadows the person that you are meant to be.

From Incomplete...

You are an educated person and many times, although temporarily, you have been able to work on your nutrition and probably your exercise because you have idea of what to do, don't you? But sometimes you can handle one more than the other. And the truth is, that you still feel that something is missing but you are not sure what is it.

To Fulfilled and Balanced

You have more control of your life. You can finally say that you know how to navigate your nutrition, physical activity, daily stress and your mindset in an empowered way, with control but also flexibility. Your thoughts do not lead you anymore, but you lead them, and you know how to listen to your body. You feel happier and more in peace with yourself and others around you.

This Can Be Your New Reality

Focused. Balanced. Happy.

Imagine yourself...

Feeling supported and understood in both, your health and life journey

Having your coach at the quick reach of your mobile whenever you need her

Stopping the guessing game of how to stay consistent in your health habits and balance it out with your busy life

Confidently knowing that you are doing a wellness routine and nutrition plan that is right and fully personalized  to your needs based on science and data

Getting a deep understanding of where the self-sabotage tendencies are coming from and have a clear plan on how to overcome obstacles

Having a highly qualified expert in different areas such as: Nutrition Science, Exercise, Life Coaching & Mind and Body Reprograming (NLP) by your side, focusing in you and your specific needs

I take pride on having long term Private Clients that constantly request extending their packages to continue working with me.


When you decide linking arms with me in this beautiful and empowering coaching relationship you will understand why…

This is What My VIPs Say

"I loved working with Daniella because she really helped me open a door I had been knocking on for a long time. Not only did I improve my health, energy, levels and how I felt on a daily basis, I also released attachments to fear and stories within that kept me stuck from moving forward into the life I'm here to lead. Gaining self confidence, and choosing to make myself and what I am here to be a priority, I found that Daniella supported me so much in finding that inner motivation and excitement to actually live these dreams out loud. She definitely opened me up to a new version of myself."
Ashleigh Montalvo
Founder of the manifestation queens
Dr. Dani's professionalism and preparation were a fundamental part of my process and the results achieved. Recognizing and managing the reasons for procrastination and its roots, prioritization and consciously and effectively managing time are some of the benefits that I achieved during my coaching process. The 1:1 work totally validated the benefit of personalized work in which my needs and requirements were taken into account. The written communication via Telegram and the personalized mindfulness tools were some of the benefits that I enjoyed the most.
Loli Rosario
Writer - boricuasfueradelaisla.com
Introducing My Exclusive...

Elite Private Coaching

A premium all in one experience where you will get personalized attention and dedication from me in all the main pillars of wellness and life: Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, Mindfulness. Completely customized to your specific health and life goals as I also help you navigate your self-care within your busy life.

Summary of What's Included...

Health & lIFE cOACHING

Monthly Live Zoom Sessions & UNLIMITED exclusive access to me through Telegram app for continued support in between sessions.

Functional Nutrition

With my expertise in Functional Nutrition, Metabolism & Hormones I go to the root cause of the problem and care about prevention. You'll get bloodwork labs reading, analysis, personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan designed for you based on your results. Option to add more specific tests for gut and hormonal health.

Free aCCESS TO my iNTERACTIVE meal planner and resources

You will have access to multiple resources that I will be sharing with you as you need to support your process. You will have 24/7 access to a digital meal planner for the duration of your program.

Neurolinguistic Programing

As a Master Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer of NLP, you will have an exclusive experience an extra layer of transformation with NLP modalities and techniques for deeper and more lasting change that will not only support in your health but also navigate your job and family with more control and less anxiety.

Option to add personal training

You have the option to add Personal Training for an extra fee. Get a Promo code for a discount when you pay in full. (Email support@drdanig.com if Interested to add)

Exclusive Discounts and Welcome Package

You are one of my VIPs, of course you'll get extra benefits! 😃 Get special price on selected programs during the time of your private coaching and lifetime discounts on supplements and specialty tests.

Lifetime Affiliate pROGRAM

Earn $300 for each friend that you refer and that registers to the Elite Private Coaching.

DBZ09872_HiRes copy
I'm Not a Regular Health Coach

I'm much more than that, therefore you GET MORE THAN THAT TOO 😉

This is what you can expect working with Dr. Dani G.

Imagine having your Functional Nutrition Health Coach which by the way has a PhD. in Chemistry, a Mindset, Life & Success Coach, Internationally Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Reiki Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and even with the option to include Personal Training, all in one place!  

Nice to meet you friend!… 

I’m your ALL IN ONE coach.  This is my exclusive most Elite VIP Program, that I personally craft for your specific needs and goals.  You will be at the top of my priority list.

You will benefit from having personalized attention, customization, having your coach accessible and walking side by side in your health and life optimization journey because you understand the value of this high touch coaching relationship. You are open to go to the root cause of the problem and experience deep change with transformational mind reprogramming modalities, with a customized plan for your specific health, fitness and life goals.


Lets Make Magic Together!

Are you ready to achieve your next level?! I got you options! Choose the path that feels more aligned with you

6 Months
Pay In Full

1 time payment
$ 997
  • * Bonus! Includes 1 extra coaching session, 1 extra week of Telegram Coaching, 1 DNA Blueprint, 10% OFF for Personal Training sessions and my favorite Meal Replacement Protein Shake for FREE! (value: $955)

3 Months
Pay In Full

1 time payment
$ 1097
  • * Bonus! Includes 1 extra week of Telegram Coaching and 10% OFF for Personal Training sessions! (Value: $175)

6 Months
Flex Plan

6 months plan
$ 1027
  • Longer payment plan available upon request

3 Months
Flex Plan

3 months plan
$ 1127
  • Longer payment plan available upon request

Why Do My Clients Get Results?

My clients are powerful type A busy professionals and/or household managers that are driven by a strong desire reach their highest potential and best version (just like you).  The same way they are invested in their individual success, I am fully invested in their success.  This work fuels my heart and as a bonus I’m highly academically qualified for it and I apply my 10 years of experience working in the wellness industry.  Oh, and I forgot to say….I freakin good at it!

Hola! I'm Dr. Dani G.

I am the Founder of Dr. Dani G., LLC. Mind & Body Transformation. I am a multi-passionate latina, dancer, wife, doggy mom and Breast Cancer Survivor.

In addition to be a coach, I am a Doctor in Chemistry with 20 years of diverse experience in Bio-Organic Chemistry, Nutrition Science, Beauty Science and Portfolio Management, currently working on a top global company as at the same time that I own two coaching businesses.

I love guiding my clients in a holistic and immersive way… combining my expertise to provide a unique well rounded 360° mind – body transformation.

I use my very distinct understanding on the biochemical mechanism of mind and body along with my training in subconscious mind reprogramming using NLP techniques so you become experts of yourself at the same time you become your best version.

My Credentials..... So you know I'm the real deal 😉


This is How Easy is to Get the Transformation You Desire!



Your preferred offer depending the level of coaching and transformation that you desire.



Sign up right away or email us for any questions (info@drdanig.com). 



Once you have lived the transformational experience be ready to be your healthier, happier and most confident version of yourself!