Hola! I'm Dr. Dani G.

I am sooo happy that you landed here! 

I want to celebrate you for taking the first step to uncover the power that lies within you to become your healthier, happier and most confident version!

So you start to get to know me, …. I am the Founder of Dr. Dani G., LLC. Mind & Body Transformation. I am a multi-passionate latina, dancer, wife, doggy mom and Breast Cancer Survivor.

In addition to be a coach, I am a Doctor in Chemistry with 20 years of diverse experience in Bio-Organic Chemistry, Nutrition Science, Beauty Science and Portfolio Management, currently working on a top global company as at the same time that I own two coaching businesses.

I love guiding my clients in a holistic and immersive way… combining my expertise to provide a unique well rounded 360° mind – body transformation.

I use my very distinct understanding on the biochemical mechanism of mind and body along with my training in subconscious mind reprogramming using NLP techniques so you become experts of yourself at the same time you become your best version.


Not everything is academic expertise…. bringing my own past experiences… helps me understand very well the struggles that we all go through in a wellness journey.


Let me tell you a little bit about it below…. 

My eating used to get affected by my emotional state

I had a good average childhood, a loving family and good education.  For this, I am forever grateful.  However, this didn’t make me an exception to experience challenges in my childhood like bullying and sexual abuse and betrayal in my adulthood that marked me for the rest of my life.

At the same time, I always felt a big sense of responsibility to be successful in life.  All this cocktail of trauma and pressure on myself, led me to suffer chronic anxiety and depression which then led me to unintentionally develop disordered eating.  I got really unbalance in my life, physically, and mentally. 

I always did a pretty good job trying to keep my shit together

I have always been curious and pretty much a nerd.  I have done many academic degrees, taken many risks,  wonderful opportunities to expand my horizons, and lived my life to the fullest.  Although all my professional decisions have been taken because I am such a passionate learner, these were also great distractions from confronting my problem at a deeper level. 


While I was thriving at school and in other areas of my life, I still had that feeling of emptiness inside me.   But why?…….. ‘I was successful right?!” ……


I was feeling it, but ignoring it…….. I pushed through it until I had one of the biggest breakdowns in the history of my life.  It only took one more trigger of rejection, to let every trauma and feeling of unworthiness come to the surface.


The pressure of completing my Doctoral degree was definitely an extra element…. My life was going down to an emotional spiral……. But I was still trying to keep my shit together……. Until everything exploded and my therapist made the recommendation to put me on a mental health center.


I fully lost the balance in my life, body, mind and soul.


It took me YEARS……to handle my depression and anxiety, address my nutrition problem and stabilize my weight by myself.

It wasn’t until I took full responsibility of my life and reached out for help

In the past few years I have had an army of professionals, my therapist, coaches, mentors, books, and the support of my family to become the best version of myself.  I experienced such a drastic personal transformation, that I could not help but wanting to share my learnings with others and guide them transform their lives as well.  

I got certified in Integrative Nutrition, Life & Success Coaching, Personal Training, specialized in emotional eating, and mind & body transformation modalities, that along with my science background, strategically add value to my own personal experiences so you get a fully well rounded support from me as your coach.


One of the main evidence of my “recovery” to a more balanced life, mind and body is the way that I handled my divorce. Another life changing and incredibly difficult time in my life.  I did experience sadness…. borderline with depression, it was hard to work and think straight….


However, this time, I was able to stay mentally strong……the awareness and tools I developed to not let my eating get affected again, the way that I handled moving forward with my life and use that hurtful breakup experience as a growth opportunity.


I am now re-married with a wonderful man, have a great job, my own business and I’m in gratitude for every small or big blessing.  Life don’t get any easier, I am also a Breast Cancer Survivor, things will always keep coming, I’m still dealing with things like anyone, but the tools that I have now and that I am willing to share with you, have made all the difference to live a more balanced, fulfilled life and overcome any obstacles that life throws at me.

I am a complete highly trained all in one coach……….. I support you on understanding and releasing the core patterns and behaviors that lead us to unwanted health and life states.

Also as a life coach, I work with different aspects of your life relevant to work, leadership, confidence, procrastination, productivity, relationships, and any other aspects of your life and health where you find blocking points.  We work on identifying the unhealthy patterns, and limiting beliefs, reframing them and then rewiring your brain for more empowering feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

I am more than a Nutrition Coach..... I am specialized in Functional Nutrition, Metabolism and Hormones.

While other coaches may overlook the holistic science of nutrition and body function by providing standard or “size fits all” methods, with my science expertise and specialization in functional nutrition, we explore other elements that may have been impacted like your metabolism, hormones disregulations, gut health, etc.  Every body, person and health experience is different, we work on addressing any of these from the root if necessary.

I am a Nutrition Health Coach that will not put you on restrictive diets

We will look at the internal and external factors that influence your nutrition, work with the problematic factors  and find healthier alternatives accordingly.

I am a Personal Trainer that educates and show you how to do it right

and point out the importance of movement and how it stimulates your happiness hormones.

I am not a typical nutrition coach or personal trainer, I coach to your success through life roadmaps, trauma-informed modalities and techniques that will reprogram your mind and show you the Science behind things

I don’t only offer you strategy………I also make sure that you develop a deep connection with your mind and soul through mindfulness practices.


If you see your life getting transformed to a better, stronger, happier version……. Welcome to my world and I can’t wait to coach you!

Fun Facts About Me!

My guilty pleasure

Is Nestquick! I can’t (decide not to) drink a glass of milk without my choco on it (shy monkey covering the face emoji)

Someone famous in my family

I am puertorrican and half dominican.  My great grandmother is an actress and radio star! She was the first woman in her country to work in this field.  She is 102 and still working!

I see dead people

I’m just being a little dramatic with the heading but yeah… I always have been very sensitive to the spirit world. Not that I wanted though

My Credentials..... So you know I'm the real deal 😉


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Kind words from clients

"A true game changer for me was targeting behavioral patterns and understanding where my sabotage actions originated from"

"I really loved working with Dr. DaniG and undergoing her D'Balance Method because it tackled behavioral patterns at a fundamental level and not just superficially. Superficial for me would be to just give me routines or recipes. But the approach here was different because it included mindfulness and life coaching elements in the mix. A true game-changer for me was targeting behavioral patterns and understanding where my sabotage actions originate from. During the program, I started to see myself in a different light and I gained a lot more comfort being myself (even being a very self-assured extroverted individual!). As a result of this transformation, I value my goals much more and show a commitment to them by initially being honest with myself and then setting up accountability. "
Anthony D.
1:1 VIP Client