Balance Your Busy Life with an Authentic Wellness Practice!

In this FREE short mini series I show you how to start, or re-start, your wellness practice in a way that feels completely aligned and authentic to you!

What if you could...


what is behind your lack of motivation and problem sticking to a wellness plan. HINT: It may not be about you!


judgement of yourself for not knowing why it's so hard to start and/or "failing" over and over trying to keep a wellness practice.


believing that there IS a way to balance your life and wellness in a way that feels more authentic to you, that fits your busy life and aligns with the lifestyle you want.

Here's what you'll learn:

I wanted to do this very SIMPLE for you, so I made a series of 3 short videos where you will be able to :

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Hi, I'm Daniella!
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I have been there too!!!

Just like you, I am a very dedicated soul, driven and passionate with a lot of responsibilities, so I am naturally a very busy person. 


I now know how to manage my time and balance my wellness routine with my busy life in a way that works for me, but that was not always the case.  

It took me years and a lot of anxiety to figure it out.  It wasn’t until I made the decision to seek for the right professional guidance, education and doing a lot of inner work, that I started releasing overwhelm and finding a good rhythm on my wellness routine and life.


If you resonate with this, I got your back! I’ll guide you on the most important things to consider to step into a more balanced person easily and progressively.


But let me introduce myself first so we start getting to know each other!

I’m also known as Dr. Dani G. :), I am a Mind & Body Transformation Coach, certified in Integrative Nutrition, Fitness Personal Training, Life & Success Coaching, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, T.I.M.E Technique and trained in Emotional Eating Coaching.


I am also a Doctor in Chemistry with 20 years of diverse experience in bio-organic Chemistry, diseases diagnostics & therapy, Nutrition Science, Beauty Science and Portfolio Management, currently working on a top global company as I own a business at the same time.


As a multi-passionate person, I work and study a lot, but I always take time for my non-work passions… dancing, pend time with my husband, my cute dog and traveling.


I love guiding my clients in a holistic and immersive way…. combining all my areas of expertise to provide a unique well rounded 360° body – mind transformation and reprogramming, covering Nutrition, Fitness and Mindfulness with a deep application of human behavior and science…… (and dancing)!


I use my very distinct understanding on the biochemical mechanism of mind and body to teach and coach others to become experts of themselves.  


All is not academic expertise…. bringing my own past experience of disordered eating, anxiety and depression recovery.… makes me understand very well the struggles, the ups and downs… that we all go through in a journey to become our best version.


I target the root cause of the problem and facilitate the shift of limiting beliefs by rewiring these into more empowered, expansive ones. so my clients step into the most confident, healthier and happier version of themselves.


Can’t wait to start this journey with you!



Dr. Dani G.


Kind words from clients

"I feel that the biggest improvement for me was to understand the psychology behind my food choices"

"I loved working with Daniella. She is very empathetic, patient and supportive. Because Daniella is a trained personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach, she can help her clients to work on their health improvement from different angles (exercise, diet and mindset). I really enjoyed the holistic approach she offers, and felt like a game changer to me. During my 6 month program with Daniella I reached a much deeper understanding of what a healthy balanced diet looks like, but I feel that the biggest improvement for me was to understand the psychology behind my food choices."
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