Personal Training

For busy men and women that want personalized short but effective workouts

And that also enjoy variety, want to have fun and appreciate functional and dance inspired exercise to reach their fitness goals

Hello, I'm Dr. Dani G. !

If you are here is because you are extra special for me and I am doing a loving exception with you 🙂  You are looking only for Fitness Training or to add this service into your Nutrition/Life Coaching Bronze or Silver package so I got your back!

As you probably know, I am more than a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I also have an array of services that I can offer you.   As a Scientist also Certified in Functional Nutrition Health Coaching specialized in Metabolism and Hormones also extensively trained as a Life and Success Master Coach,  I can also incorporate modalities into your health journey that not only help in your physical transformation but also in your mindset optimization where we work holistically considering aspects of your health, life, work and relationship with food to break unserving patterns that are not helping you stay consistent in your fitness results.

My purpose is to provide as many accessible options for you so, if you feel that you have your nutrition and mindset all nailed down and only want Fitness guidance, I got that option for you too love!

If you want to learn more about my other VIP 1:1 offers click the link below!

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You are here because ...

You want to work with a highly trained Certified Personal Trainer that focuses only in YOU and designs a customized fitness plan that goes in accordance with your specific fitness goals.  Also that prioritizes your safety and has the knowledge to correct your movements in a way that can only be done in a 1:1 setting.

You want to trust on a fitness expert that guides you through your fitness journey by adapting your exercise plan as you evolve. Also that specializes in functional exercises that will develop strength, flexibility and muscles that will help you in your daily life movements.

You crave a different fitness trainer that rebels against standard and boring ways of doing fitness and that brings a variety of workouts from traditional exercises to signature dance inspired fitness!  


Imagine yourself...

Feeling supported and understood in your fitness journey

Not having to think on your workout until it’s time to meet your trainer confidently knowing that she is designing the best plan for  you.

Having the convenience of working out from anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

I got Options for You!

Making it easy for you to get exclusive private access to me to guide you in your fitness journey!

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Regular Fitness

Get a combination of at home workouts that are familiar to you that will tackle specific muscles to strength and burn calories.  This includes strength resistance training, HIIT, and functional workouts with little to no equipment required!

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Dance Strength

I took years of ballet and jazz, so I share my passion with you incorporating dance inspired signature workouts that will make you work muscles that you didn’t even know you had focusing on isometric and isotonic exercises, balance and flexibility.  No dance experience needed!

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Dance Cardio

And for an extra dose of fun and sweat you will shake your body with some American pop, latin, Jamaican Dancehall,  Hip Hop and EDM and more! It’s designed to move your body freely as you also burn calories and get stronger!

How does it work?

Virtual sessions are 30 min... oh yes! that's more than enough, you'll see 😉

You have the option to combine 2 sessions to do 1 hour if you wish

My recommended frequency is 2 times per week, although you have the option of doing 1 per week

You will get recordings of your workouts, so you will have it to repeat it during the week to complete your weekly goal!

After we discuss your fitness needs, I'll create a customized fitness plan for you and we will include the fitness styles of your preference (and my recommendation based on your fitness goals)

Offers to Make Magic Together!

Single Session


30 min vurtual session

8 Sessions Pack


30 min virtual sessions

16 Sessions Pack


30 min virtual sessions

This is How Easy is to Get the Transformation You Desire!



Your preferred offer depending the level of coaching and transformation that you desire.



Sign up right away or email us at for any questions 



After several sessions together you may feel much stronger, sharper, happier and ready to kick ass!

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