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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You are tired of diets and fitness programs that work temporarily, but that don’t feel right for you.

You also feel frustrated because eventually you go back where you started.  You are ready to get a different type of guidance.

You want to get healthier, but it seems to require drastic methods in order to achieve your goals, making it not sustainable.  

You are looking for a method that feels good and that is more attainable.

You really want to create a balanced nutrition, fitness and mindfulness routine, but it has been hard to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy life.  

You are open to guidance on how to do it, but don’t know where to start.

Hello My Friend!

I call my community Rebel D’s (it reads in Spanish “Rebeldes” , which mean Rebels in English).  Here we are all about rebelling against ordinary wellness practices and cookie cutter superficial quick fixes. This name comes from a beautiful place of self-love, kindness and respect to our uniqueness and our ask for more than just what we have taught health and wellness is supposed to be done and should mean.

I’m also a little bit of a rebel myself……I question everything, I don’t like to be too restricted, but I’m also very disciplined and determined.

There are many wellness practices out there that DO work and are great to apply to your life.  But there’s a big piece that is usually ignored which is to make sure that you feel good and aligned with your process.

We are individuals with different experiences, different taste and core needs.  And there’s where I can help you the most.

You are a Rebel D' if...

Lets Do Some Magic Together!


You and Me  

You have the opportunity to experience…

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Kind words from clients

"I released attachments to fear and stories within that kept me stuck from moving forward into the life I'm here to lead"

"I loved working with Daniella because she really helped me open a door I had been knocking on for a long time. Not only did I improve my health, energy, levels and how I felt on a daily basis, I also released attachments to fear and stories within that kept me stuck from moving forward into the life I'm here to lead. Gaining self confidence, and choosing to make myself and what I am here to be a priority, I found that Daniella supported me so much in finding that inner motivation and excitement to actually live these dreams out loud. She definitely opened me up to a new version of myself."
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